PackCare develops and produces customer-specific packaging for the medical industry and is the result of more than 25 years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

PackCare was founded in 2015 by Peter Zegers. After years of experience at various Dutch and foreign companies specialized in custom packaging and with the production location in Stevensbeek, PackCare has a good basis to deliver added value to its customers.


Your product is leading. Its purpose, safety requirements and the wishes of the end users determine the design of the most efficient packaging.

All our products are entirely custom made.

We care
about your


1. Intake

The first step is communication. We will discuss your criteria and brainstorm about possible packaging solutions. An important part of the first step is a budget calculation with a rough cost estimate in order to determine the direction of the design.

2. Design

Once all the criteria have been established, detailed drawings are made and we will figure out how to produce your packaging. If necessary, we can make several samples to test what is most efficient for your product.

4. Production

Once the packaging is entirely to your satisfaction and has been approved by you, we will make a production tool that allows us to produce both large and small series. Quality will remain our priority and we will guarantee the specifications according to ISO9001 during the production process.

3. Prototype

Once a packaging concept has been chosen, we will produce a sample tool and a number of prototypes for you to test and validate if required. After your approval, the specifications will be established and we will prepare a quotation for the subsequent production. Of course, even at this stage it is still possible to adapt the packaging to your wishes.

Production tools are stored and maintained at our facility so they can be used immediately for the next order.